Why You Must Not Ask Your Child To Hold Unto That Vomit


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Many a times, Parents Refuse to allow their children to vomit, whenever they are engulfed by nausea wave. Reasons….. We do not want our rugs, bedsheet, cushions stained. We also do not want our hands soiled while cleaning up the vomit. Moreover, the sight of vomits irritates.
So, we ask them to run to the bathroom or toilet. What happened to this 16years old boy is what all parents should learn from, cleaning up vomits, maybe irritating, but the death of a child is devastating.

A 16 year old boy recently died. He and his brother were sleeping in the same room. Late in the night, he got up to vomit. His brother said he held his hand to his mouth and went to the bathroom. After vomiting, he complained of difficulty in breathing. He later died.

Now, it has been declared by Doctor that he held on to his vomit till he reached the toilet in order to not to spoil the bed or carpet, and that’s what choked him. The vomit went straight into his wind pipe & the breathing tract.
Kids must be allowed to vomit wherever the wave of nausea engulfs them, thereafter, go to the bathroom to clean up. We should never force them to hold on to their vomit till they reach the bathroom.


The carpet can always be washed, but we cannot get a child back…
Let someone else read this from you. It’s informative and I definitely can save a life.

By Vera Aigbonoga

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