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Just got married or moving into a new home, and maybe a bit confused about the right furnitures you will need to set up your kitchen.

Well, whether you are moving into a new home as a new bride or been married for quite some years, here are the necessary kitchen furnitures you will need in your new home.

You may want to consider this kitchen model ‘ Agneese-BN classic Kitchen

it is a handcrafted traditional kitchen , of the old Roman architecture. It converges the style, aesthetics, and exuberance and trappings of traditional royalty with the fineese and efficiency of modern technology.

Two Tier Brushed Wrought -iron Basket with arche Handle

This two tire Kitchen Basket stand is multifunctional. It has two removable wire baskets, which makes for easy food prep and serving. The convenient arched handle makes transporting it easy with just one hand.

Ariston- Built in Dishwater.- with great features such as; soft pool door opening system, 8 programmes,natural drying, Eco wash, fixed lower basket etc.

VitaJuice Cold Press Juicer-
Retain all the Vitamins in the juice, along with the enzymes and minerals that you know are preserved by coldpress juicing. Add the sauce attachment to sauce fruits and vegetables or grate cheese, mince cooked meat, chicken, and fish or grind nuts to make delicious sauces, soups, pates and dips.

Semak Vitajuice VJ2012 Cold Press Juicer
Vitajuice Cold Press Juicer

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