Your Bedroom Tells A Lot About You





You walked into your home, approached your bedroom. From a distance the view of your bedroom wasn’t beautiful at all; you were not just proud to call it your room . Not that you couldn’t afford the bedroom of your dreams , its just you kept spending on things which you considered more important than your own comfort.The bed was old and archaic, the curtain though clean, was fading, it was already losing its once very beautiful bright colours you used to love and admire. The room smelled good, but then it looked very disorganize.

“What the heck”! you screamed as you slumped on your bed. The wood underneath cracked. “Ye-…ah” you cried in fear, gripping your head with your hands as though you were trying to stop it from falling off. “I hope I have not finally broken down the bed”.

No, the bed was not completely broken, but was tilted to one side due to the crack. “I have had it up to here” your finger underneath your throat. “If i die today all i have worked for will be taken over by others”. “I am heading there to have the bedroom of my dreams, after all; I hear their bedroom future are a lot cheaper and more durable than in some other places. Why the hell am I working if I cannot enjoy myself”?

This is now my dream bedroom”! you exclaimed, with a glass of pure natural juice in your hands;  very happy. “Now I will no longer feel embarrassed when my friends come into my room”.







“I will also show them the right bedroom furniture set like the ones below….




which they can buy and make their bedroom look classy; especially Doris whose bedroom is in a sorry state”.

Written by Vera Aigbonoga


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