Worried Why Your Baby Is Over Twelve Months And Yet To Walk?


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Most parents do, especially moms. There is this unwritten rule that parents are to celebrate their baby’s first birthday bash , whether or not they decide to make the event small or big, is up to the parents. But most parents always make sure their baby’s first birthday is celebrated, and they will like the baby to at least walk on their own, not to fall especially when its time to cut the birthday cake.

So your baby isn’t walking yet, there is no cause for alarm.

Note that most   pediatricians consider a child to be a late walker from fifteen months old, also note that half of the kids still toddle by their first birthday, don’t compare your baby’s progress with your neigbour or friend’s baby.

However, If your child is between 15 to 16 months and yet to walk, you can meet your pediatrician.  A professor of movement science Dr, Ulrich opines that your   pediatrician will have to rule out certain conditions such as ; hip displacement, poor muscle tone and cerebral palsy, which are unusual problems, but it is not advise-able for any parent whose child is up to 15 months  and yet to walk to adopt ‘a wait and see approach’.



Parents Whose Children Are Up to 12 months Or Above But Yet To Walk Can Encourage Them By Taking The Following Suggestions From Parents Blog:


  • Gently support your child from behind as he places his hands on a low surface and pulls himself up to a standing position. Or put his favorite toy out of his reach on the far end of a couch, so he can support himself as he retrieves it. Cheer his efforts.
  • Get pushy. Give your child an empty waist-high box or a lightweight child’s chair that she can push around and hang on to for balance.
  • Let her roam. Don’t plunk your toddler into a stationary activity center and keep her there for long stretches. Two 15-minute sessions a day are plenty. Avoid walkers altogether.
  • Make it fun. Turn practice into a game; clap and tell him, “You did it!” Most important, try not to dwell on the milestone date. Instead, appreciate his relative lack of mobility while you can. Remember, when he’s finally walking, you’ll be chasing right behind.

Choose the Right Shoes:Your baby doesn’t need shoes until he can walk, according to Arnold Ravick, D.P.M., a spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association. At that point, here’s what you’ll want.


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  • A perfect fit. The heel should be snug—not too tight or too loose. The toe should offer 1/2 inch of wiggle room.
  • A flexible shoe. The sole should give when you bend it, but not so much that you can fold it in half. Your tot may trip in stiff or thick-soled shoes.
  • A breathable material. Leather or canvas moves with the feet; plastic doesn’t.



By Vera Aigbonoga


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