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….My wife was ungrateful; A true Life Story

I met Thandiwe Zulu in 2005 during a United Church Of Zambia conference at St Paul’s church in Kabwata, she was one of the participants from Chipata. A church friend introduced me to her, that’s how we became friends and later got married in 2006, after I paid k4000 lobola., we had a traditional wedding.

About 3-month after we got married, I asked Thandiwe to come up with a business proposal. I wanted to empower her, i did not want her to stay at home  without doing anything. Thandiwe told me she wanted to go into boutique  business- buy women clothes from South African for resell  in Lusaka. I got a loan from the private school where i worked as an accountant, gave her the capital and that’s how she started travelling to south Africa.

Within a short period of time,her business grew, because of this growth, her trip to south Africa became twice in a month. Later, she stopped dealing on women clothes and began supplying Electronic appliances and groceries to Indians throughout Lusaka.

She started making so much money to such an extent that my salary was peanuts to her.Then suddenly I noticed that she was becoming too excited with her new found fame.She suddenly became very disrespectful;  insulting me before my friends, she stopped doing house chores and  my laundry as well.

At the initial stage, her business trips used to last only a week, but later she increased it to  a month and some times, 6-weeks. Anytime i  questioned her on why she stayed so long, she threatened  me with a divorce.

Things got worse when I stopped working. The owner of the school where I was working died and his children failed to run the school well, The school was later shutdown . Thandiwe and I had to move from the school house to Nipa flats, where she paid rentals for the new flat.  She became so unruly; she told” me she wasn’t ready to feed a grown up man”She started spending nights outside our matrimonial home, only to come back the next day looking fresh.

I continued to stay with her because I did not have any place to go to.  There was a strong rumor, that she was cheating on me with a Nigerian national. When I asked her about the rumor, she confessed that it was true and that she no longer wanted me in her life.She told me I was not man enough as I was  broke, and was  depending on a woman for survival.
I was shocked.I felt like hitting her hard but I managed to control my temper.
I left our house and went to Sikanze police camp to watch a soccer match involving Nhwazi vs Konkola Blades.
I was still hurt inside.I could not understand her behavior, after all I did for her.
When I got home after the match, I found my things at the doorstep of our house and the door was locked.It was embarrassing. Neighbours came out of their houses to see what was going on, i  could hear people making fun of the whole situation.
I just got my things and went to my Uncle’s place in Lilanda.


When i arrived at Lilanda, I explained everything to my uncle and the next day my uncle summoned Thandiwe and her relatives.Surprisingly Thandiwe and her relatives came to the meeting with k4000 lobola I had paid.We were told that the marriage was over.
I begged Thandiwe to rescind her decision, i begged her to stay with me but all in vain. I loved Thandiwe so much, she was the first woman I dated and subsequently married. I was heartbroken.I cried like a small baby but it’s like she had already made up her mind.
I  stayed with my uncle in Lilanda for a week.He was a council retiree and he was looking after more than 7 orphans and dependents, all of them staying with him in his small house.
I managed to find a room for k150 in chibolya. I started applying for jobs but the response was not favourable. One day,my neighbor Amos, a bus driver  asked me to be his bus conductor for a day as his conductor was not feeling well, I accepted his offer, that was how I became a conductor and sometimes,   a luggage loader at intercity bus terminus.I started making a bit of money and eventually I forgot about Thandiwe or so i thought…

Two-years passed by  without  a word from her. One day in 2008, we met at intercity bus terminus when she was coming from south Africa.She came out of the bus together with a light skinned guy.She was looking very attractive and happy. I could tell the guy she was with was her boyfriend, they looked good together.
I approached them and offered to carry their luggage,since that was part of my Job, Thandiwe ignored me, I could tell she did not want her man to know about us. My presence made her feel uncomfortable as she was now a high class chic, i was not comfortable either; i was dirty and untidy and I had  lot of beards. She did not greet or say a word to me.

There was a red Jaguar waiting for them just near Juldan motor ways offices at intercity.Her man instructed me to take the luggage to the car. Afterwards, they both jumped in to the car and sped off. I felt bad that day.  I still loved Thandiwe, i could not understand why she betrayed me.I continued working as a bus conductor and a luggage boy.

One day in year 2010, while transporting passengers from Chelstone to Town I was invited to church by one of the passengers.It happened that It was my birthday and at night when we were about to knock off,  I offered the passengers a free ride. The passengers were happy and a woman called Lucy invited me to her church at CHRIST EMBASSY at YMCA in chilumbulu road.
I did not want to disappoint her so I went to her church the next morning.

I was  warmly welcomed at the church, I later joined the Christ Embassy Church.  A  month later, there was an announcement in church for all those willing to join the Zambia Police Service.We were told to see one of the senior elders.  After the church service Lucy and i went to see the church elder, he told us to give him both our academic and professional documents.

Lucy had his number, so that same week we gave him our documents.Lucy and I became best friends.  With  her help, I moved to Kabwata where she helped me rent an inside bedroom. I stopped being a bus conductor and concentrated on working in the church.

About a month after I applied to join the Police force, a breakthrough happened in my life. Names were published in the newspapers, a Lucy and i were among those selected to go for training at Lilayi Police Training College.
We went for training for a year after which we were  posted to Force headquarters while Lucy went to work at Central police. I married Lucy a year after we passed out. I owe her my life. My promotion in the police force was quite rapid, because of my trade.I had a diploma in ZICA.

When Mr Sata became president, I was promoted and sent to work in foreign mission in Russia where I worked for two years. When Mr Edgar Lungu became President, I was recalled and promoted to a senior security position.

Lucy and I are still together and we have 2 kids together. She has been so supportive and I thank God for her.I have decided to share my story.

Last year during the preparation for the inauguration ceremony of President Lungu, there were group of prisoners who were cleaning the surrounding at Heroes Stadium , Thandiwe my former wife was one of them. I recognized her and went to greet her. She was puzzled and confused when she saw me. I was dressed in a suit, she could not understand why Police men and  women were saluting  me.I went straight to where she was cleaning and greeted  her, and the prison warders. Again she was puzzled her as to why the 10 Prison warders saluted me. When I finally received permission to greet Thandiwe and her fellow prisoners, the warders ordered all of them to sit down as they were about to be greeted by a high ranking government official. I first greeted all prisoners before shaking hands with Thandiwe who was on her knees.  I could see her eyes filled with tears of regret.

All  the warders and her fellow prisoners could not understand why a high ranking and respectable security officer could lower himself and shake hands with a prisoner. I did not bother to tell any one about how I came to know her. Within 5 minutes, a government vehicle came and I was driven off to the State House where I attended a meeting with the President Elect.

I don’t really know what landed Thandiwe in prison but whatever it is…. that’s her own baby to nurse. This is how tricky life could be brothers and sisters.
To God be the Glory.




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