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By Chinweย  Aigbonoga.


NNPC Group assures women of equal opportunity.

I love the month of March. Why? It is the month when women’s achievements are annually celebrated globally. Firstly, The just concluded IWD, with the #Eachforequal theme. Secondly, The Mothering Sunday recently referred to as โ€œMother’s day”. Two of these major events are important in the lives of women. The just concluded International Women’s Day- IWD, and mothering Sunday alias Mother’s Day. These events are quite significant in the lives of women all over the earth, when you stop to consider the hurdles they’ve had to overcome,considering the lives of Women in ancient times.

The lives of Women in the past was more like that of slaves. They were greatly devalued by men, they were not given freedom of choice, they were seen as a conquered people, as it is today in various countries of the earth.

Women were seen as sex objects, which were used to gratify sexual obsessions of the menfolk. In the past, they were completely controlled by the men in their lives. Their fathers, brothers ( seniors and juniors), controlled them from childhood untill they were handed over in marriage to men of their choices. The sole purpose of a woman was to get married to a husband chosen by her father and (or) brothers, reproduce and then spend the rest of her live serving them. This in itself was not ‘the problem,’ but the role of a woman is larger than servitude. She is a person, not an object, she should be accorded respect , be allowed to reevaluateย  herself because she has her dignity to preserve.

In the past, women were more like sex symbol, it’s still the same today. The difference however is that her men desecrated her.ย  Today she desecrates herself, by allowing herself to be used as sex symbol by marketers.ย  Traditionally around the world, men are providersย  whereasย  womenย  are known to be caregivers.ย  These roles have changed. As a writer, i am first of all a care- giver. I love this. My husband brings in income. I do not envy him, he doesn’tย  envy me.ย  He serves, i serve, our children serve. This is family. Should i be a care-giver or not? Yes. It’s my choice, that’s why i am a 21st century woman.ย  I chose this, so i do it with all my heart.

What’s wrong in being a servant? We all serve. The question hereย  is choice, the right to choose. This is what the women of the past lacked, until the Soviet Russian women came together, fought for this right.ย  They received it, that’s why we are here today and IWD is possible.

International women’s day

This is good but what’s the use of the theme โ€œ#eachforequal”. Equal with who? Men will always be men, boys will always be boys, girls will always be girls, women will always be women.
We all serve irrespective of gender. Let the theme rest. Irrespective of gender roles. We are placed here on earth for a purpose, which is to serve one another.
I need a man, i need a boy, i need a girl, i need a woman. That’s what makes the world go round.
โ€œThe earth is the Lord’s, the world, and they that dwell therein. That’s what makes the world go round.



ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day, to all the mothers out there.ย  This is what mothering Sunday is all about. It was founded in UK. The purpose is to celebrate you, to shower you with love, forgive your excesses ( if there’s any). This is love from those you have cared for; your husband and children. What more can a woman ask for. It is your God-given role to be a care-giver, your husband should be a provider. Should you decide to switch, good. Its your choice. But do not complain. I endeavor to build a business, its not easy. It takes time, energy and resources. It wanes sometimes.ย  But its powerful.ย  My purpose is to help as much as i am able to help. Lets not ridicule stay-home mothers. It’s their choice and a great sacrifice. The future is bleak for them. Her husband and children may choose to forget her. Society should not. She loves, she loves,ย  that’s why she sacrificed.

To all the stay-home mums, i love you. Be strong. When you feel you’ve served enough, look for a financial structure and help yourself. Trust none but God.


Jemima Helpings.

Breakfast: EGG Dish in Bacon and Hot Dog with Dodo.

Eggs friedย  together with bacon, sausage or hot dog and vegetable is a delicious meal for breakfast. It is a well balanced meal, which get you ready for the day’s job.

Ingredients For Dodo.

๏‚ง Ripe plantain
๏‚ง Groundnut oil ( quantity depends on the number of plantain you intend to fry).
๏‚งย  small quantity of salt.
๏‚ง Small onions.


๏‚ง Peel off the plantain, slice them into a bowl.
๏‚ง Add small quantity of salt into the already sliced plantain.
๏‚ง Place a frying pan on your cooker
๏‚ง Pour groundnut oil according to the quantity of plantain you are to fry.
๏‚ง Wait until the oil is a bit hot.

๏‚ง ย Add few slices of onions into the oil in the pan.

๏‚ง Add few slices of ripe plantain into the hot oil.
๏‚ง Fry until plantain become slightly brownish.
๏‚ง Bring out the plantain (dodo). Place them into a sieve, so as to drain out the oil.
๏‚ง Put the dodo in the dish.

โŠ‚Eggs dish in bacon and hot dog sauce.โŠƒ


๏‚ง 2 eggs or more.
๏‚ง Two slices of Bacon.
๏‚ง 2 hot dog/ sausage.
๏‚ง Seasoning .
๏‚ง I carrot.
๏‚ง Onions.
๏‚ง Green peas.
๏‚ง 2 fresh tomatoes plum.

โ™ฅ ย Preparation. โ™ฅ

  • Cut each slice of bacon into 3 or more pieces.
  • Cut each sausage or hot dog into small pieces.
  • Slice your onions,tomatoes and carrot into pieces.

Actual cooking.

  • Place a frying pan on the cooker. Add groundnut oil.
  • Wait few seconds, for the oil to getย  a bit hot.
  • Pour into the hot oil, bacon and hot dog. Fry for few seconds.
  • Add your vegetables, thereafterย  add the already beaten eggs immediately.
  • Fry for a minute, Scoop into a dish.

Its time to eat.


Next-Gen Play Station- Ps5.

ย ย ย 


Theย  Basic Specs to Lookout For.


  • An AMD CPU. Based on third generation of the Ryzen line. Eight-core, custom-made, based on their 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. A varient of AMD Radeonโ€™s Navi family.
  • Ray-tracing. A lighting technique being used in Hollywood. Will help your games be more immersive.
  • 8K gaming/TV support.
  • SSD storage system that is 19 times faster than traditional storage systems.
  • Simplified data management system.
  • Backwards compatibility with PS4 games and PSVR hardware.
  • 3D audio, immersive sound with headphones.
  • 100GB optical disks. Drive doubles as a 4K Blu-ray player.
  • Improved cloud gaming performance.


Alexander Archibong.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare War zone.

The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode has arrived on PS4 and Xbox One, it includes some interesting new features. While Activision has yet to share its plans for Call of Duty Warzone, the new Battle Royale experience is expected this week The hype has been building for some time now and expectations are only gettintg higher. The official reveal.




Coronavirus: A Case Study.

This is a case study of how Israel handled the health crisis they are faced with. While we do not pray for this, crisis abounds. Willย  our country Nigeria rise up to face her challenges?

Coronavirus is not for us but it abounds in different ways. May God save Nigeria and Africa at large. Let’s learn from this .


In periods of crisis, Israelis have always risen to the task. From our leadership on down, this is one of those times to prove it again.

These are the days for cool heads, reasoned decisions and steadfast leadership.
The global outbreak of the coronavirus has put the world, and Israel, in uncharted territory. People have reacted to the crisis in a variety of ways, from taking a blasรฉ attitude and carrying on as if all is normal, to working from home and avoiding public transportation and any public gathering.

Health Ministry director-general Moshe Bar Siman Tov told KANโ€™s Keren Neubach on Monday that it was only a matter of time until Israel would have to enforce a 14-day quarantine period for anyone entering the country โ€“ Israelis and foreigner alike, including those from the US.
There has been criticism of the strict measures the government has taken until now to contain the virus, including a mandatory 14-day quarantine for any travelers arriving from France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Austria and most of the Far East. Some have deemed these restrictions draconian, but they seem to be working in stemming the proliferation of the virus in the Israel.
As of Monday morning, 39 people in Israel had contracted the virus, with one, a bus driver who was infected by Greek tourists he transported, deemed to be in serious condition.
As the Postโ€™s Maayan Hoffman reported on Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained in a Sunday evening briefing at the Prime Ministerโ€™s Office that the decision is a complicated one.

โ€œWe take action as we understand it to be necessary and everyone accepts it โ€“ obviously the United States tooโ€ฆ on the other hand, this decision is a very difficult [one]; the same was true last night and today, and will be true the next day.โ€

The decision to quarantine all arrivals is one that shouldnโ€™t be taken lightly or have a hint of political considerations. Reports that the prime minister was holding back from enforcing the ban on US travelers in order to not damage ties with President Donald Trump were vigorously denied Sunday. Siman Tov told Channel 12 News that โ€œno political element was part of our decision-making processโ€ฆ all the decisions go to the National Security Council and the prime minister in the end. Itโ€™s a professional discussion on protecting the public. No foreign interests are involved in the decision.โ€

Although itโ€™s difficult, in this acrimonious post-election period, to remove politics from any issue on the domestic agenda, thereโ€™s an imperative that the governmentโ€™s handling of the coronavirus crisis should rise above partisan considerations. Netanyahu seems to be meeting that criteria โ€“ so far.

Unlike in the US, where the handling of the virus has turned into a political football pitting the โ€œdownplayingโ€ Republicans against the โ€œtake it seriouslyโ€ Democrats, Israelis seem to be reacting to the crisis with one voice.

Netanyahu has, of course, made every effort to appear โ€œpresidentialโ€ and in charge of the situation. He spoke with US Vice President Mike Pence and on Sunday and then with European leaders on Monday about setting up airports to enable goods to be transported between countries so vital supplies donโ€™t run out.

And whether thatโ€™s his intention or not, these moves could help Netanyahu as he fights for his political life.

As Jeremy Sharon wrote, โ€œthe more he looks like heโ€™s taking care of business, the more urgent the problem, the more acute and dangerous it is, the more we wonโ€™t want to change the leadership and instead keep the status quo.โ€

The corona crisis may indeed inadvertently help Netanyahu, but at some point, our well-developed and well-earned sense of cynicism needs to be put aside. In times of national emergency, we have to believe that our leadership, no matter how embattled, is making decisions based on the well-being of its citizens.

Now is the time to heed the instructions being issued by our health experts. Just as we expect our leadership to act responsibly, we too must abide by the guidelines being set: whether itโ€™s entering self-quarantine, not sitting in the first seat behind the bus driver or undertaking the proper hygienic procedures to minimize the possibility of contracting or passing the virus.
In periods of crisis, Israelis have always risen to the task. From our leadership on down, this is one of those times to prove it again

Fashion and Beauty.

Vera Aigbonoga.


Corporate Dressing .

























“Hurray Tari!!!! Oh! Don’t look at me like i’ve gone crazy, don’t interrupt too because i’m too excited”.ย  “Why?” Asked Tari.ย  “Iย  just got a job in this communication organization, the pay is good”.


“Guess what?” i will like to look smart, prim and proper. I think i know where to get my corporate clothes.

Navy- blue Suit.

I alsoย  think it’s time i help you look corporately smart with the right clothings too, although you are a man you should look good.

Why not try wearingย  Men’s oxford business shoes.














The O.U.R. Pipeline is a 42-inch, 45 kilometre onshore gas pipeline, spanning Obite, Ubeta and Rumuji communities (hence the acronym O.U.R.) in Rivers State, South-South Nigeria.

It is a major component of the OML 58 Upgrade Project designed to meet the objectives of the Federal governmentโ€™s Gas Master plan, provide gas for both the domestic market and the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas, NLNG company.


Preserving the Environment isย a Key Priority

Totalโ€™s deployment of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) for river crossing (River Sombrero), an underground pipe installation method that has minimal impact on the adjoining area, is in line with our high premium on the preservation of the environment.

Coming at a time the Nigerian government is vigorously embracing multiple energy options in her effort at solving the countryโ€™s energy challenge, the O.U.R. pipeline will on completion:

  • Provide new route for gas export from Obite Treatment Centre (OTC) following capacity upgrade up to 15.65 MMCBM/day.
  • De-bottleneck existing Gas Treatment System Number (GTS) 1-4 NLNG network.
  • Create first branch of future Gas Treatment System Number (GTS) 6 to Bonny Island.
  • Establish a key infrastructure for domestic gas delivery (feeding of future Northern Option Pipeline).

Rapid Infrastructural Development inย Host Communities

With the acquisition of 120 hectares of land to lay out the right of way for the O.U.R. pipeline crossing 20 different communities, concerted effort has been made by Total- through a series of socio-economic enhancement programmes- ย to improve living conditions in the host communities.

The result of this effort is a deep sense of ownership of the pipeline project by the people in the communities.

Totalโ€™s community engagement strategy includes regular interactions with representatives of the communities to explain the significance and benefits of the O.U.R. Pipeline Project to the communities and the country.

This strategy also entails seeking the input of the communities when designing the companyโ€™s Corporate Social Responsibility programmes such as free healthcare programme for the communities, enterprise development and educational programmes, among others.

Human Capital &ย Local Content Development

Over 700 Nigerians from the host communities were employed during the project peak.

Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Construction and Commissioning (EPSCC) was done by an indigenous contractor which meant human capital development for more than 3,000 Nigerians.



Total Gas power.


Earth’s History.

Chinwe Aloiye

The Tswanas of Botswana in Southern Africa.



































The people of Botswana are proud, strong will and extremely spiritual. They worshipped Modimo as their supreme god, who was also a representative of their supreme god before the arrival of the missionaries. The Tswanas are a major ethnic group, which consists of 80% of Botswana’s population.

The Tswanas

The Tswanas lived in tribal enclaves. Theyย were mainlyย  farmers and herders. The Tswanas prospered in cattle rearing until 1300 AD.

The arrival of the ancestors of the Tswana-speakers who came to controlled the region from the Vaal River to Botswana has was dated 600 AD.

Between 1840 and 1850,trade with Cape Colony-based merchants opened up and enabled the Batswana chiefdoms to rebuild. The Bakwena, Bangwaketse, Bangwato and Batawana cooperated to control the lucrative ivory trade. They proceeds were used for the importation of horses and guns, which enabled them to establish control over what is now Botswana. In 1880 AD,ย  the Bushmen, the Bakalanga, the Bakgalagadi, the Batswapong and other current minorities were subjugated by the Batswana.


During the Scramble for Africa the territory of Botswana was coveted by both Germany and Great Britain. At the Berlin Conference, Britain agreed to annex Botswana in order to safeguard the Road to the North and thus connect the Cape Colony to its territories further north. It unilaterally annexed Tswana territories in January 1885 and then sent the Warren Expedition north to consolidate control over the area and convince the chiefs to accept British overrule. Despite their misgivings, they eventually acquiesced to this fait accompli.
Presently, Tswanas remain the major etunic groups in Botswana, followed by kalanga The West and Basarwa tribes.

Ancient Deities of Botswana.

  • “Gauna aka Gauna” Botswana.
  • “Hishe” Botswana.
  • “Huwe” Botswana.
  • “Kalahari aka Cagn Mantis” Africa.

“Modimo” Tswana / Botswana, South Africa.
Universal god. A monotheistic deity possibly, though not with certainty, influenced by Christianity. Not specifically a creator god.

since the universe and MODIMO have always been Perceived as the river of existence which flows endlessly through space and time. He rules the light and dark opposites in the universe, as well as the proper order of life on earth.

In present day Botswana,ย  the Tswanas continue to remain a major tribe, followed by Kalangaย  11%, Basarawa 3% and 7 % of other minorities. Although the country claims to be a “Christian” nation, majority of them continues in the worship of their ancients gods.


Oil and Gas

Nigerianย  National Petroleum Company in Joint Partnership.

โ€‹โ€‹NNPC upstream operations are in joint partnerships with major oil companies. These multi-national Exploration and Production (E & P) companies are operating predominantly in the on-shore Niger Delta, coastal offshore areas and lately in the deepwaters. As with many other developing countries, the multinationals in Nigeria had been operating under what is called a concession system, with NNPC being the concessionaire, while the companies are the operators. NNPC also is responsible for the management of the exploration bidding rounds for oil and gas.

The multinational oil companies operate in partnership with NNPC under Joint Operating Agreements (JOAs) or Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs). Others, especially the indigenous oil companies, operate in partnership with international companies under sole risk or as independents. Nigeria’s petroleum industry is well grounded in successful exploration, beginning with the first commercially viable discovery at Oloibiri in the Niger Delta in 1956, with a modest production rate of 5,100 barrels per day. Reserves of crude oil stand at 28.2 billion barrels. Natural gas reserves total 165 trillion standard cubic feet (scf), including 75.4 trillion scf of nonassociated gas.

An important ingredient in NNPC’s exploration success is the Integrated Data Services Ltd (IDSL), a subsidiary of NNPC. IDSL is one of the largest and most advanced earth science facilities in Africa. Field data is sent to IDSL for analysis using advanced computer systems, giving the company the critical edge in its upstream operations. IDSL processes and interprets in 3-D configurations data from the hydrocarbon reservoirs. This technological capability is instrumental in developing reservoir management strategies, which provide optimum recovery rates over the life of a field.

IDSL has been responsible for most of the country’s major oil discoveries and is continuing an intensive exploration programme to increase the nation’s hydrocarbon reserves.



Marriage in Ancient Mesopotamia and Babylon.

Adaokwu Ihenacho

The family unit in Mesopotamia was small and restricted, although in certain regions of southern Babylonian clan, tribal organizations of some sort existed. In neo-Babylonian times, a measure of family consciousness appeared in the form of ancestral family names for identification purposes.

Both families brought financial investment to the table – the groom’s family were contracted to provide a bride-price in silver and the bride’s family were contracted to provide a dowry of equal value. The dowry ( for rich parents of the bride) consisted of household items, silver rings, slaves and even fields. Dowry could also include furniture, textiles and jewelry. Not infrequently the dowry included the bed used to consummate the marriage. Both the bride-price and the dowry could be paid in installments until the first child was born, at which time the balance of both payments was due and the marriage was legally finalize.

If a future husband and his father-in-law agreed on a prospective bride out of the decision-making process. The contract made between suitor and the father of the expected bride would stipulate a price for the maiden’s hand.

An agreement once reached indicated that the actual wedding ceremony could now take place. This ceremony took the form of the delivery of the wife to her husband. If both belonged to the class of free citizens, the husband veiled his bride in the presence of witnesses and solemnly declared ‘she is my wife’.

During the ceremony of betrothal, the girl’s future husband poured perfume on her head and brought her presents and provisions. After the wedding, where the couple would live remained the sole issue.

Married lifeย  began with either the bride staying in her father’s house or going with her husband to his. In the former case, the husband gave the wife a sum called the dumaki toward the maintenance of the house.


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