Is Your Kitchen Family Centered


Belanova Modern Kitchen VI-Bespoke - HOG Furniture



By Vera Aigbonoga




I can hear your answer, almost rudely. “Of course! What kind of question is that”? Just in case you do not know what a modern kitchen is?? It is a kitchen that comes with a traditional layout like the one below, but  infused with modern quality fittings.

Belanova Modern Kitchen VII-Bespoke - HOG Furniture

Although a modern kitchen is designed to converge the aesthetics, exuberance, style and all the trappings of traditional royalty, it does all these with the efficiency and finesse of modern technology(smart Kitchen, as in smart phone, TV, etc). 

Smart Kitchen includes a bevy of WI-Fi enabled kitchen appliances such as; toaster ovens , microwaves, etc. Kitchen appliances  such as coffee makers, slow cookers, oven refrigerators , which can be controlled through a Smartphone app  and a trash can that can be opened with just a wave of your hand.

How does all these sophisticated kitchen appliances help your family? 


Agnese-BN Classic Kitchen - Bespoke - HOG Furniture

Modern kitchen or smart kitchen as I choose to call it, is multifunctional.  It is used to prepare meals, entertain guests and share meals. It makes cooking activity fun for  families who want to spend time together. For parents who needs to keep an eye on their little kids; it allow them sight to nearby rooms if an open floor plan has already been put in place.




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