Fashion Mistakes Guys Should Avoid



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By Vera Aigbonoga

Style is not something you learn on a single day, it is learnt gradually, as your dressing improves. There are certain misconceptions some men have about fashion and style, avoid making such mistakes and if you  have, try to correct them. Below are some definitive guide from male stylist and fashionista i gathered  around the world wide web, as to where most men go wrong.


Dennis Green does not agree that “Skinny guys should wear boot cut [pants] to make their legs look wider.” 1. "Skinny guys should wear boot cut [pants] to make their legs look wider." -macadocious
“This could not be further from the truth!” exclaim Dennis “Boot cut is the most unflattering of all pant cuts for skinnier dudes. It won’t make your legs look any bigger, but the flare in the bottom of the leg will make you look sloppier than a straight or skinny cut pant”. So guys take note!


 The belief that tight clothes will suck everything in.

 Teo dan den Brooke totally disagrees with this misconception.  Read what he has to say…..  “If you’re a man over a certain age, the likelihood is that you’ve got a few wobbly bits starting to appear in unwanted places. The way to tackle this is not to treat your new shirt in the same way that women treat Spanx – you’ll end up looking like an un-pricked Richmond sausage. Rather, invest in properly tailored pieces that will make the best of your assets”

Teo also thinks  buying shoes designed for elves, not humans

is an epidemic. He  thinks cheap shoes with plastic soles and pointy toes that turn up at the end do not look stylish and marginally acceptable. He wrote….”So awful are these shoes that even their ubiquity hasn’t diluted their utter ridiculousness. Reasons….”.One, they won’t last longer than a few weeks before the soles burn through (keep a nostril out for the smell of burning rubber, if you don’t feel the crunch of tarmac on your feet first). Two, they make their wearers look like medieval peasants or elves”. What a description guys.  And the third…..  “No one will respect you if you wear these shoes. Not even other people that wear them. No one”.

The MR collection does not agree with guys wearing sports jersey as replacement for regular clothing.

Lakers Jersey

They think”these should only be reserved for sporting events or for games hosted inside your home. We understand that you are proud of your hometown team (so are we), but jersey’s are not meant to be worn in replacement of regular clothing”.


Dennis Green’s opinion to those who thinks  shirts are supposed to be baggy in the shoulders and chest is…

“Shirts aren’t supposed to be baggy. They’re supposed to fit!2. "Shirts were supposed to be baggy in the shoulders and chest." -utilitym0nster A good rule of thumb is to get a shirt that fits as close to your body as you can while you retain free range of movement in your arms”.

He also has this to say to those who thinks
‘wearing the right clothes would automatically mean they dress better’

“The two are completely unrelated”. A man in sharp casual wear will look better than a man in a sloppy suit every time”. I addition guys you should always be mindful to dress appropriately for the situation at hand.


Hi Guys! There is nothing like ‘short sleeve formal shirt’. MENSXP team advises that you  avoid wearing a short sleeved shirt with a tie. “Believe me, it’s a big fashion faux pas! It does not fit the corporate picture. Tie should always be worn with a full sleeved shirt; yes you can roll up the sleeves while relaxing”.  Take note!


 Allowing your trousers to puddle over your laces is b..a…d!!!

There are ways to make a statement with your clothes, says Teo Broeke. “Wearing a nice patterned shirt with a smartly cut blue suit is one. Donning a chestnut brown monk strap with a pair of slim bottle green trousers, another. Allowing your un-hemmed, loosely flowing suit trousers to puddle over the tops of your shoes like molten rubber, on the other hand, is not one. Your trousers (whatever the style) should only ever touch the tops of your shoes, and there should be no bunching of fabric. At all”.



 Another common mistake is to mismatch socks color with the bottom. The rule is to match the color of the socks with the bottom color, and not the color of the shoes, says MENSXP. And this goes without a doubt with the formals. With the denims, sporty white will do.





“Don’t be that guy that can be smelled the moment you walk into a room. Go by this rule: if you can smell your cologne on yourself, then it’s too much. If this is you, try this trick: Swab the incriminating areas with a cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol. This will drastically take away the stench”.

Your personality says a lot about you, and style is part of ‘your personality’ invest time and if necessary money to make sure you look your best. Remember looking your best does not necessarily mean that you look expensive.

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