A Bedtime Story- The Hero Appears.


The Little boy; Gozie, woke up suddenly from sleep, very terrified. He had another nightmare.

He looked around the bed for his mum, who was by his bedside before he fell asleep. Mum had read him a bedtime story about a great Hero named ‘Afunsios’, who saved little children whenever they were in trouble.

“Mum! Mum!” Gozie screamed. His eyes searched through the dark room. It dawned on him that mum had left as usual to go sleep with Dad in their room and had switched off the light as usual.

He stretched his hands towards the reading lamp and switched it on.  The room became brighter and  Gozie felt a bit better. He jerked suddenly and  Screamed “Mummyyyy!” as he remembered the nightmare all over again. Mum and Dad were fast asleep; neither of them could hear Gozie.

“Why?” Gozie asked as tears flowed freely from his eyes. “Every night I have nightmares of someone trying to kill me, mum and Dad. Tonight was particularly very horrified. He caught up with me, strangled me. Thank God, I woke up alive. Shola and Gbemi would have heard I’m no more, all the plans we had for this week would have been executed without me.” he said as he continued sobbing.  “Mum and Dad had promised they will ensure the nightmare stop. Mum always prays a short prayer that God will send his angels over me before reading the bedtime story, worst his Afunsios never show up.”

Suddenly, he remembered his Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) teacher, Mrs Eunice. She taught the class that The Most High God is love, and that he will go to any length to save a person.  “Dear Father in Heaven, Gozie sobbed as he prayed conversationally to Yahweh, The Most High God. Mrs Eunice always tells us about your love, that you love deeply. They nightmares are getting too regular. I died when he strangled me but I’m alive here. Please, please help me; he cried deeply. You are my father, are you not? Mrs Eunice said you love little children, come to my aid please, come quickly. I’m tired of running to mum and Dad every night, they seem unable to help. In Jesus name. Amen.”

Suddenly, there was this warmth of joy and comfort around Gozie, as though he was wrapped into the loving arms of the Yahweh. He was no longer afraid.   Then he heard him speak gently; “I love you Gozie, I always protect you that was why he couldn’t kill you. I will always be with you.” Gozie was very happy. “Who are you?” Gozie asked. “I am Love” Yahweh replied. “I am the one who loves little children and their parents.”

“Ok…ay” Gozie smiled. “Call on me every time you pray, Gozie, I will always be here with you” Yahweh reassured him. “Are you serious?” Gozie asked, overjoyed. “Okay”….. Gozie said, nodding his head, as though he has finally seen a permanent solution to the nightmares. “I should just say… Love please come?” He asked, waiting for confirmation.

Pray like this: “our father, the Most High God, all powerful and merciful, thank you for my life. Please have mercy upon me and protect me. In Yeshua Hamashiach. Amen”.

“We pray in Jesus name; Love”.  “I am Jesus, Gozie” Yahweh replied gently. “I was born in the world as a Jew, my name is Yeshua Hamashiach. I will still answer you, should you prefer to call me Jesus. I love you Gozie, sleep peacefully now, and remember you have to wake up early in the morning so as to make it early for school tomorrow”. “Oh! Yes” replied Gozie, yawning. He slept off in Yahweh’s arms very confident of his safety.

Beginning from that moment Gozie did not have nightmares again. He and his Lord and friend are always together in school, home, playground etc.

You can watch the bedtime story – The Hero Appears here

Story By Chinwe Aigbonoga.                           

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