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 Earth Most Beautiful Palaces.

Thinking of living the aristocratic  lifestyle… ‘The King & Queen era with little Princes and Princesses all around the table. Check out these palaces, which of them will you like to live in .

Sintra, Portugal best palaces europe trip
Palace de Pena. Photo: Michaela Loheit via Flickr

Located on top of Sintra, Portugal, the Pena Palace gives its visitors an incredible view of the town around it, the park below it, and castle Moorish that sits across the way. King Ferdinand II had this palace built in the 19th century, only to be abandoned years later due to the Revolution but restored by UNESCO.

 Xizang Zizhiqu, China
Norbulingka, Xizang Zizhiqu, China Photo: travel leisure via Flickr.

Built in the 18th century, the grounds of one of the best palaces in China began as a summer home for the Dalai Lama during the time. There are 4 potrangs, Tsokyil, Kelsang, Takten Migyur, and Chensel, that sit on the property; these were each built by a Dalai Lama who had come to the palace.

woodstock, UK
Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, UK Photo: Lucho Payne via Flickr

Blenheim Palace was a gift to John Churchill after his great victory in the 18th-century.  Throughout time, the palace was not only used as a residence, but as a hospital as well.

Mysore Palace in Indo Saracenic style Photo: Ramnath Bhat via Flickr
Mysore Palace, Mysuru, India Photo: Ramnath Bhat via Flickr

The Mysore Palace has had a very tumultuous history since the early 17th century. And it was not until 1912 that the building was completely finished. Other buildings that stand on the grounds are the Kalyana Mantapa (Marriage Hall), Gombe Thotti (Doll’s Pavilion), Ambavalisa (King’s Hall), and the Darbar hall (Public Hall). Each one of these buildings were made with precision and designed in an opulent fashion.


Adelaide Supertech, A Super-car to Match Super HI-FI.

Brabham Automotive’s BT62 has been called the world’s most track-focused hypercar. Tubular spaceframe steel chassis; naturally aspirated 5.4-litre V8. Only 70 BT62 cars will be produced, built here in Australia by a team led by British-born Australian racing driver David Brabham, son of Sir Jack, the only man to win a Formula 1 world championship driving a car of his own construction, three-time F1 world champion, and founder of the Brabham racing team that went on to win 35 F1 races. 

And in a newly-announced partnership, Kyron audio systems are now available for Brabham Automotive customers to order in liveries matching their BT62. It’s part of a Kyron bespoke production program that will also see Kyron developing audio systems for future Brabham road-based vehicles.

‘Brabham is pushing the envelope in car design, driven to develop the world’s best hypercar,’  says Lee Gray of Kyron. ‘The partnership makes sense as we share the same passion for extreme performance in our respective fields. Most prestige motor manufacturers have aligned with high-end audio companies, and currently we are designing the audio for the street-legal version of the BT-62. In the near future we’ll start work on an audio system for their planned road car.’

Passion for extreme performance is right. Kyron has carved its position at the highest levels of audio performance, with systems that combine unique box-less dipole design with unparalleled realism in performance. First came the statement Gaia system, currently priced at $289,000, and then the Kronos ($161,000 with its optional subwoofer). And finally the flagship $349,000 Phoenix system, with seven different elements and twice the processing power of Kronos.

‘Brabham customers will be afforded the opportunity to purchase a bespoke  “Brabham Signature”  version of a Kyron system matched to the livery of their car,’  explains Gray. ‘We will use the same rotary touch-screen interface in both the car and the home system so there is a seamless transition between the two. There will also be aesthetic enhancements such as carbon-fibre detailing, gold pinstriping, leathers, and of course they will sport the Brabham and Kyron badges.’

As for Brabham Automotive, CEO Dan Marks explains their side of the equation:  ‘Brabham partners with brands which have the same focus on quality, customer engagement and which strive for excellence in their field. Kyron, a fellow Adelaide-based company, fits that mould, making a premier product for the world stage. Kyron’s dedication to design, engineering and performance matches our own, offering Brabham customers an outstanding lifestyle choice.’



By Eliza Shapiro.

In June, with the coronavirus crisis appearing to hit a lull in the United States, teachers and parents around the country finally began feeling optimistic about reopening schools in the fall. Going back into the classroom seemed possible. Districts started to pull together plans. Then came a tweet.

“SCHOOLS MUST OPEN IN THE FALL!!!” President Donald Trump declared July 6, voicing a mantra he would repeat again and again in the coming weeks, with varying degrees of threat, as he sought to jump-start the nation’s flagging economy.

Around the same time, caseloads in much of the country started to climb again. In the weeks since, hundreds of districts — including nearly all of the nation’s largest school systems, along with scores of rural and suburban districts — have reversed course and decided to start the school year with remote instruction.

By some estimates, at least half of the nation’s children will now spend a significant portion of the fall, or longer, learning in front of their laptops.

Rising infection rates were clearly the major driver of the move to continue remote learning. But Trump’s aggressive, often bellicose demands for reopening classrooms helped to harden the views of many educators that it would be unsafe — and give their powerful unions fodder to demand stronger safety measures or to resist efforts to physically reopen.

“If you had told me that Trump was doing this as a favour to the schools-must-not-open crowd, I’d believe you,” said Rick Hess, the director of education policy at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank.

Indeed, as the president has pushed for schools to reopen, key constituencies — parents and educators — have largely moved in the other direction.

Jemima Kitchen

Light and Crispy Waffles 

by Adam  and Joan Gallagher

  • PREP 25mins
  • COOK 10mins
  • TOTAL 35mins

These light and crispy waffles come together quickly. Cornstarch is the secret for crispy waffles. Mixed with flour, cornstarch guarantees that your waffles will be perfectly crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.

Makes approximately 4 to 5 waffles, depending on waffle iron

You Will Need

3/4 cup (100 grams) all-purpose flour

1/4 cup (30 grams) cornstarch

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

1 tablespoon sugar

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

1 cup (235 ml) milk, whole or 2% reduced fat milk are best

1/3 cup (80 ml) vegetable or lightly flavored oil

1 large egg

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Butter, syrup and/or berries, for serving


    • Prepare Batter

Whisk the flour, cornstarch, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a medium bowl.

In another bowl or large measuring jug, whisk the milk, vegetable oil, egg and vanilla together until blended.

Pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture and whisk until just mixed. Set batter aside for 10 to 15 minutes so the baking powder has time to activate.

      • Make Waffles

Heat the oven to 200° F and heat the waffle iron.

Pour the batter onto the heated waffle iron (ours takes about 1/2 cup) and cook until the waffle is crisp and golden brown. Immediately set the cooked waffle directly on the oven rack to keep it warm and crisp.

Repeat with the remaining batter, holding the waffles in the oven (try not to stack them). Serve with butter, syrup and berries.

Adam and Joanne’s Tips

  • Buttermilk Waffles: To make buttermilk waffles, simply replace the milk with 1 cup of buttermilk. Or, use a combination of milk and buttermilk.
  • Extra Light Waffles: For even lighter waffles you can separate the egg. Mix the yolk into the wet ingredients. Then, whip the egg white until stiff peaks form. Once you’ve blended the dry and wet ingredients, fold in the beaten egg white.
  • About the Salt: We use kosher salt. If you don’t have it on hand, keep this in mind: 1 teaspoon fine sea or table salt = about 1 1/4 teaspoons kosher salt.
  • Recipe inspired and adapted from Aretha Frankensteins Recipe
  • Nutrition facts: The nutrition facts provided below are estimates. We have used the USDA Supertracker recipe calculator to calculate approximate values. We assumed 5 waffles. The calculations below are for 1 of 5 waffles.
Nutrition Per Serving: Calories 262 / Protein 5 g / Carbohydrate 25 g / Dietary Fiber 1 g / Total Sugars 5 g / Total Fat 16 g / Saturated Fat 3 g / Cholesterol 41 mg
Teens Corner.  Red Nosed, Smiley, Face, Emoji, Emoticon




Joshua Osiremuza.


 Most teenagers do not enjoy working, as in…. earn their own income. They prefer asking their parents to buy expensive things for them. Most, completely rely on their parents financially, whereas they are old enough to work and earn money. Research says “teenagers under employment, have higher rates of jobs satisfaction,’’ this is because they earn income and are capable of purchasing whatever they want. Parents ought to lecture their children on the value of money, spending and savings. So that they will know how hard it is to make money. curtail their expenses. and save more. In earning, teenagers must endeavour to earn ‘honest’ income; either through skill acquisition, part-time or holiday jobs. They should not get involved in fraudulent activities or theft, so as to live a better life financially’. Earning of income   is much better than frolicking with the opposite sex sensually.


Teens can focus on purity, righteousness and self-indulgence, such as: money making ideas, pursuant of academic excellence, and ultimately raising of family.


Stoned, Mellow, Peaceful, Serene, Smiley





Teens see frolicking with the opposite sex as ‘the norm’ in the society (most parents encourage this), which is why they deteriorate. Most teens see frolicking with the opposite sex sensually as ‘fad’ these sometimes influenced their reasoning. Sensual relationship endangers teens, they get attacked by STDs, unwanted pregnancy, low self-image (due to STDs and unwanted pregnancy). These should be discouraged by parents and the society so that they can focus on purity, righteousness and self-indulgence, such as: money making ideas, pursuant of academic’s excellence and ultimately raising of family. These will help them to learn responsibility, they will polish their skill because every child is gifted with one or more skills.

Finally,get preoccupied and put a stronghold on themselves in order to avoid sensuality with opposite sex.



How 11-year-old Nigerian boy went from dancing barefoot in the streets to viral ballet star.

By Chinwe Aigbonoga.

Lagos, Nigeria(CNN)In June, 11-year-old ballet dancer Anthony Mmesoma Madu was filmed barefoot, spinning and leaping gracefully in the air and landing in concrete, rain soaked puddles.

Just a few short months later, he has become a viral internet star and landed a prestigious scholarship in America.

Madu thought he was being recorded for a study session by his ballet instructor, instead, the footage of him practicing his moves was posted on social media and has been been shared widely across the world, with some of his fans including Hollywood actors Cynthia Erivo and Viola Davis.

Anthony Madu

Many of those watching were impressed by his ability to land his moves perfectly, even while dancing barefoot on concrete and in the rain. Viola Davis was moved to write: “We create, soar, can imagine, have unleashed passion, and love….despite the brutal obstacles that have been put in front of us! Our people can fly!!!”

His dancing also caught the attention of Cynthia Harvey, the artistic director of the ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of Dance in New York.

Harvey was so impressed by his talent that she tracked him down and offered him a scholarship with the American Ballet Theatre where he will attend a summer school in 2021.

Nigerian producer Fade Ogunro, who runs the Bookings Africa platform, also offered to pay “for his entire formal education anywhere in the world until he graduates from Uni.”

                                                                          Fashion Powered by Veal Clothing.

Gone are the days when ankara was worn majorly by housewives , elderly men and women. Today ankara is the fabric every chic and guys desires to wear. The beautiful colours of ankara makes the different styles beautiful and glamorous when adorned. Today, ladies and gents around the globe now wear ankara to their offices, churches,  parties, etc.


Image result for trendy ankara outfit images





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A video advert from HAMASCHIAC student.






Cover Interview.

Chief Raham Owokoniran.

Chief Rahaman Owokoniran, is known for his contribution in Lagos state PDP.  He is one of the party stalwart nationally. Jemima Magazine editor, Mrs Chinwe Aigbonoga had a chat with him, and the interview went thus.

Your political party….

PDP is my political party.

2)  The choice is based on participation environment. It is the only National party that genuinely believe in Federal Republic of  Nigeria. Yes , the party lost track and got carried away . But the leadership had since apologized and set the tone for good governance. Compare  the APC and PDP states as being run by the Governors.

3)  Lagos State was most unfortunate unable to take advantage of the wind of change in 2003 because of internal crisis which almost split the party. Notwithstanding, PDP survived the turbulence won subsequent elections 2007 and 2011 nationwide but lost Lagos State. Its inability to benefit from the 2003 watershed deprived Lagos State of the momentum in the southwest . Also, Lagos State crisis worsened because of leadership crisis that took the life a central figure in the party. In an attempt to solve the murder case , the leadership was rattled by chasing them out of town. So Action Congress party inherited all the gains politically. PDP became the pariah party in the state. Again haven lost out in the game for so long by 2011 general election , the party structure was completely ignored because of the lingering crisis. However by the results of 2015 and 2019 National elections, it is evident that Lagos State PDP can win elections only with united front.

4)  In 2015, it was the state apparatus, Police, INEC and other supporting structures that decided our elections. If our democracy must survive, we need to address the electioneering  process to make the people’s votes count.


5)   I can’t speak for the party right now. Covid has created such disconnected that it will take some time to put the wheels on track.

6) Like I said, its too early to call. The party has enormous human resources to draw from between now and 2023.

7) Absolute loyalty to the cause. The Independent Campaign outfit are purposeful. People join because they are passionate about delivering victory to the candidates.

8) Yes, PDP has a very good outing in 2019 nationwide because the referendum was about APC , and clearly the party with the change mantra changed the nation for worse.

9) Southwest PDP is seriously working on the challenges. First, promotion of unity amongst members. Second , putting round pegs in round holes. Too many dead weight had been inherited over the course  of time.

10) Again, too early to call on this zoning business. I do not think PDP should be fooled by cheap and dishonest pronouncement of APC. We should thread with  cushion. We need a winning team.


The Unique Place of a Pathway College

Macbook Laptops

By Mary Ogbu.

A pathway College is precisely that route that connects a secondary school finisher to the Higher Education Institution.  A student that has completed their secondary education needs to pause and reflect on the next stage that moves him or her to adult life. It is at this point that they consider options of their future career, assess their eligibility to access global scholarships, decide on university options available and what each is offering indeed if opportunities exist for gaining relevant experience that would give them a head start in life. 

A pathway college would usually provide University or College access qualifications such as two-year A levels and International Foundation Year these two access routes would lead into a direct entry to a 3 year undergraduate degree and in Nigeria to the Two hundred level at university.  A pathway also offers Remedial Classes to achieve O Level required grades for Higher Education and Prep Tests training for particular study destinations.

A Pathway college would also include the development of Study Skills, Research guidelines and practice, Character development other Life Skills such as public speaking and proper Communication.

In order to put the concept of a Pathway College in perspective I have shared the below student testimonial of an alumni student of the Multiplan Pathway College:


‘The transition from secondary school to university can be a lot more rocky for young students than I think people are willing to acknowledge. The two stages follow very different structures and many times a straight progression may feel like a dive into the deep end which many young people are really not prepared for. Therefore, it is important to establish that middle ground, a sort of landing pad where students are able to take the knowledge and formation received from their secondary schools and evolve and improve it into knowledge that will equip them in navigating higher education.

This is where foundation and A-Level schools come in. Not more than a two year duration, these progression routes provide students with a more focused, individualistic approach to learning which caters to their peculiar needs while ensuring a high level of self study and independent learning. There is a more one to one relationship between teacher and student and the curriculum of such programmes demand students to take charge of their education, be more introspective and self determining about the information they receive-skills which are essential for university life.

As an alumni of the MultiPlan Pathway College’s Cambridge A levels programme, I am able to look back at my two year stay at the college and just how much it impacted my educational journey. Posited to be the most thorough and rigorous of all progression programs, A levels are a globally accepted qualification, exclusive for entry into Oxbridge and other prestigious schools. 

Since the primary goal of such progression programs is to ensure students take on a more hands on approach to their learning, it is important that schools create environments where they feel comfortable with their teachers and supervisors to be able to freely voice their opinions and suggestions. The dynamic goes from the teacher working for the student to working with the student. It was important for me to feel like I could question my teachers, be given space to interrogate and come to my own conclusions.

Building a conducive environment for growth also means allowing students to exercise a certain level of autonomy and independence without setting such strict behavioural rules and guidelines as the ones that existed in their secondary schools. It requires a delicate balance of familiarity and discipline which I felt was executed quite nicely by the student services staff. At that stage young people rarely like to feel that they are being policed or being restricted from personal expression.

Finally, it is important for schools to provide as much support as they can, whether that be extracurricular or academic. At Multiplan we would have weekly student led topical presentations which became pivotal for me in building my confidence and public speaking skills. On an academic front, extra tutors brought in for certain subjects proved to be a greater help than I could have ever imagined when it came time to sit my exams. (Ojinika A.)

For more testimonials of the Muliplan Pathway College students please go to our website www.multiplanpathway.com 


HAMASCHIAC School says, Safe Your Children From Co-vid19 And Its After Effect.



Rumor ! God of War 2 and a “whole mountain of exclusives” coming to the PS5 and latest PlayStation 5 pre-order date prediction could be a misfire.

A new YouTube podcast video from Moore’s Law Is Dead has been offering up some alleged details about the state of PS5 exclusives and games in general, and what fans can possibly expect from Sony. Yet PS5-exclusives-God-of-War-sequel-rumored-for-2021-and-Sony-is-planning-a-surprise-franchise-revival-for-the-PlayStation-5.482915.0.html” target=”_self” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>again, a sequel to God of War was discussed, and there was no ambiguity in the statement made about the potential title. In fact, the channel’s host, Tom, made this striking comment about the situation: “they have God of War 2 that they’ve shown behind closed doors”. It seems he was referring to a possible demo, but whatever stage the game is in, the noted tech blogger seems confident that SIE Santa Monica is preparing it as a big surprise for PlayStation fans.

There do seem to be quite a few signs pointing in this general God of War 2/PS5 direction too: We already PS5-event-dates.492495.0.html” target=”_self” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>reported about Cory Barlog’s intriguing Twitter header image and now a principal gameplay programmer at SIE Santa Monica, Geoff Harrower, has basically teased that big things are on their way and that he is deeply excited about them. In addition to that, it appears that a “whole mountain of exclusives” is coming according to Moore’s Law Is Dead. Apparently, Sony still has a surprise PS5-exclusives-God-of-War-sequel-rumored-for-2021-and-Sony-is-planning-a-surprise-franchise-revival-for-the-PlayStation-5.482915.0.html” target=”_self” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>launch title to reveal to PS5 fans and there will be so many exclusives that gamers can pretty much tick off probably any game they have in mind as a potential PlayStation 5 exclusive and it will be among the selection offered.

It’s quite a claim to make, but the host reasons that a lot of games that were originally in development for the PS4 eventually started being redeveloped for the PS5, as the former console’s popularity and sales success had already been established. If the latest PlayStation 5 pre-order date prediction of October 1 is accurate, then Sony could do with having a mountain of exclusives and God of War 2 to offer future PS5 owners. Because with Microsoft announcing that pre-orders for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will commence on September 22, that would give the Redmond-based company more than a whole week of being able to convince undecided and brand-indifferent consumers into making an order for its next-gen console.





Cartoons & videos




Our cartoon of the month is about a little girl named “Diana ” and her sibling.

Diana Pretend Cooking with New Kitchen Toy





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