2TIMOTIYOS BĔT (2 TIMOTHY) 2. Do not Get Entangled with Things of The World.




 Do not Get Entangled with Things of The World.



1 You, therefore My son, be strong in the Favour, which is in YHWH YESHUA HAMASCHIAC
2 And those things which you have heard from me through many witnesses; these entrust
to faithful men–those who are able to teach others also.
3 And endure evils as a good laborer of HA’YHWH YESHUA HAMASCHIAC.
4 No Man serves, and is entangled with the things of the world, that He MAY please that
ONE WHO Chose Him.
5 And if a man competes, he is not crowned if he does not compete according to the rule.
6 It is right for the husbandman who labors, that he should be fed from his fruits first.
7 Consider closely the thing which I say: may our  THE HASHEM- HA’ADONAI, Grant You wisdom in everything.
8 Remember HA’YHWH YESHUA  HAMASCHIAC, WHO rose from the dead, WHO IS From The Seed of Dawid according to my Good News:
9 In which, I have endured evils, even unto bonds as though a doer of evils. But THE WORD 
OF ELOAH IS Not bound.
10 Because of this, endure everything on account of The Chosen Ones, that they also may
find life, which is in  HA’YHWH YESHUA HAMSCHIAC, With Glory, which is forever.
11 THE WORD IS FAITHFUL. For if We died With HIM, We Will also live With HIM.
12 And if We endure, We Will also reign with HIM. But if we DENY HIM, HE will also deny
13 And if we do not Believe in HIM, HE REMAINS In HIS Faithfulness, For HE IS Not able to
deny HIS nefesh (HIMSELF).
14 Remind them [of] these [things], and give witness before Our HA’ADONAI, that they should
not be disputing with words without profit, to the overthrow of those who listen to them.
15 And be diligent that you present Your nefesh (self) mature before ELOAH–a Worker without
Shame, Who Is Rightly Proclaiming THE TORAH (WORD) Of TRUTH.
16 And abstain from empty words, which have no usefulness in them: for they add more
and more to the wickedness [of] those who are occupied with them.
17 And their word, as spreading gangrene, will overtake many: and one of these is
Hymenaeus, and another Philetus;
18 Who have erred from the Truth, saying that the resurrection of the dead has happened,
and they are turning away the TRUST of some men.
19 But THE FUNDATION OF ELOAH STANDS SURE, And It Has This Seal: And HA’YHWH knows Those
Who Are HIS Very Own, and Everyone Who Calls on THE NAME OF HA’YHWH Of THE UNIVERSE Must 
Withdraw from iniquity.
20 Now in a Great House, there are not only vessels of Gold or of silver, but also of wood
and of pottery; some for honor and some for dishonor.
21 If, therefore, a Man Will Cleanse His nefesh (soul) from these, He Becomes a Pure vessel to 
Honor: Which is Profitable for The Use Of His HA’ADONAI and prepared for every GOOD Work.
22 Flee from all the lusts of youth: and pursue after righteousness, and trust, and love,
and shalom, with those who call on Our HA’ ADONAI With a Pure heart.
23 Abstain from foolish controversies, [with] those who are without instruction: for you
know that they generate disputes.
24 But a bondservant of Our HA’ ADONAI Ought not to dispute, but he should be meek towards everyman  able to teach, patient when wronged.
25 That he may guide those who argue against him with meekness, so that perhaps ELOAH will give them repentance, and they will know the Truth,
26 And recall to their nefeshot (senses), and escape from the snare of  Zeus-satan. by whose will they were held captive.

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