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Things are a bit tough right now, school fees are very expensive. Apart from the pocket money you need while in school, there are so many other things you will need some level of purchasing power to acquire. As a student, there are many ways you can make money while studying. You do not have to run to mummy and daddy every time, remember you are on your way to becoming a graduate, after that, your will have to get employed and start earning your own income. Your parents will stop providing for you after your university degree. So why not learn the art of providing for yourself whilst in school through decent and legal means.
Some girls believe they only way they can make good money is through a wealthy sugar ‘D’, but this is ‘archaic’ it only gets you into serious trouble. Fortunately, your lap top, smart phone is always with you at school, and wherever you go. Through this device you can make good income, tell your parents about it and see how proud they will be of their little boy/girl.



Below are some of the things you can do to make good income

Online Surveys: So many students are making money through this means in their spare time. They get recruited by research companies to answer surveys and test new products. Surveys can earn you up to $5 in cash or reward.

Online Market trading: there are many of them; one of the best is ethereum. Ethtrade gives you opportunity to receive a steady passive income without investment, by offering you participation in the affiliate program which enables you to make money without investment; they provide basic trading on successful and profitable trading for beginners. Trading in ethtrade is conducted by pairing ether/btc and ether/usd.

Referral programs such Quickteller , is a reward program that allows an existing registered Quickteller user earn money for referring a new user to the website. At the point of registration, the new user would provide your email or phone number as the referrer. This is the good part, you get rewarded for all transactions carried out by your new referee for the first three months. However, the reward varies based on the type of transactions carried out.




Website Testing: companies pay you to test their websites. Although they can use their in-house staff to carry out this task, the ideal thing to do is use people who are not familiar with their website, app, software and product to road test them, before releasing them to the end user. Website testing is also carried out on sites that have been running for some time, by webmasters or site owners seeking to make slight changes in order to maximize profit. For this reason, they are willing to pay you good money to confirm that their apps or website can be used by the average user.

Transcription Jobs: Transcription entails you listening to an audio from a client, and then having to type out word for word or the key points of what is being said. These jobs mostly come from researchers, lawyers and doctors to transcriptionists. A good transcriptionist must be very good in English language,  you must get you spellings and grammar right, have a good typing speed, minimum of  70 words per minute. You will require a laptop or a PC, fast internet connection and earphones, in addition to your skill. You can earn at least $15 per hour, if you are fast and good in transcription.

Selling Photos Online: can fetch you good money. Through stock photography websites, you will get paid some amount of money, each time your photo is being downloaded by companies, web designers, hobby bloggers, graphic designers etc, who are always looking for legal photos to use on their products, sites and brochures.

There are many ways you can earn online, you can do a little more research and find what suits or work for you best. Instead of spending your spare time on something that is not productive, pick up your lap top and get to work. It may be more rewarding than you can imagine.




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Written By Vera Aigbonoga