Your Wedding Day Is Here!




You have been dreaming of this day. The day you will walk down the aisle with your dream man; tall handsome and rich; short handsome and comfortable or maybe tall  handsome and  poor. Someone you will rather want to climb the ladder of success with. Whichever….( dream varies).  Besides, the Lord God made them all.  The most important thing is……it is the day you have been waiting for and with the man you love.

So what kind of wedding have you been dreaming of? Big glamorous wedding, or small but glamorous and memorable, with family and close friends. Whichever one you prefer, is okay. It is your day and it comes just once in a lifetime.

Just in case you are one of those who prefer a big wedding and may not have the resources to pull it through, you don’t have stress over it.  You can still have a small but glamorous and memorable wedding.

You may ask how’s that possible?  It is very possible. Let’s show you how , by focusing on the ‘Big three’.





Wedding Gown :   This is the very first thing you should do, choose your gown. How will you like to appear on your big day? Whatever choice of gown you make, must suit with your body shape. I will say ….try on as many dresses as you can until you find the ‘perfect one’ that fits you well. Remember it was not easy for you to find your ‘Mr Right’  so don’t expect your wedding gown to be that easy too.  What’s your style?



like a cinderella?
like a Cinderella?



or in between?
or in between?





a modern day chic-bride?
a modern day chic- bride?












Wedding Venue: next on the priority list is your wedding venue.  Choosing a venue can be very tasking and time consuming. Here are few things you should take into consideration when making your choice; location, weather (if you prefer the event to be outdoor), traffic considerations, number of guests, your preferred style.






The Wedding Cake: the choice of a wedding cake should come after you have chosen a style for your wedding  gown and the venue decoration. This is so that your cake will be compatible with your gown , the venue, the menu, flower arrangement  and even the season.







When you have been able to decide on the big three. The rest will be a lot easier, you know the way we do it in Nigeria, family members will assist you in other decisions, but these ones are yours to make.

Congratulations !



By Vera Aigbonoga


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