Changing Baby’s Diaper as As New Mom












It is very easy to assume every first time mom knows how to change her baby’s diaper, on the basis that she is a woman and so changing a baby’s diaper should be a natural thing for her.  Well! this assumption is wrong. Remember she has been a single lady all along, and unless she worked as a nanny or had taken care of her (baby) siblings, or a relative’s baby, this will certainly be a new thing for her to master.

A first time mom has to learn to understand her baby’s cry so as to know when the baby is crying because she is hungry, wet, in pains, discomforts of any kind. Why?  Because a baby may cry just few minutes after her diaper has been changed. Reason; he just ‘poo’. A first time mom will assume the cry is for something else. When she gets frustrated, she might decide to join her baby and cry too. unknowingly, the baby  ‘pooed’ few minutes after her diaper had been changed.


As a new mom go for good quality diapers, not just because they are cheap but because they can help keep your  baby’s nappy area dry and feeling fresh, a diaper that can lock in all the liquid with its quick super absorbent properties.

Firstly, make sure your hands are washed and well sanitized, keep all the things you will need close by, such as;

clean diaper, cotton balls, diaper cream or ointment, clean clothes for the baby (in case of any kind of leakage from the diaper),warm water, cut-up paper towels or washable clothe baby wipes if your baby’s skin is sensitive.

Lay a blanket or towel on the bed, changing table or mat. Place the baby on his back. If there is no strap on the bed or changing table, make sure your hand is  on your baby all the time to avoid the baby rolling over.

Allow the wet area to dry , before applying diaper cream or putting on a clean diaper this will prevent diaper rash. You can dry the area with baby wash cloth or blow lightly on it

Place a clean diaper under your baby in case the baby’s diaper is in a mess.

If the baby is a boy, place a wash cloth over his penis to prevent him urinating all over you. Wipe the baby from front to the back ( if the baby is a girl) with baby wipe, gauze or cloth to prevent the bacteria from causing infection. Clean inside all the creases. if the baby gas pooped, you can use water and washed clothe or apply baby oil on a cotton ball to clean the baby thoroughly.



Finally, lift your baby’s legs and place the clean diaper you had earlier placed under his buttocks . If he’s a boy, make sure the penis is pointing down to prevent him from urinating over the top of the diaper. In case of a newborn, avoid covering the umbilical cord until it is dried and fallen off. Pull the front of the diaper between his legs and fasten it.

Roll up the dirty diaper before trashing it, wash your hands with soap and warm water.
That’s it! Our baby is all fresh and neat again.

By Vera Aigbonoga

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