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Things to Consider Before You Visit That Babalawo or Pastor

Hey Ladies, let’s talk!
So you meet that handsome looking dude, and starts and affair, one thing led to other you become Bed-mate. Yes!! Bed- mate. Giving him free sex without commitment whatsoever from his part. Some ladies out of desperation give sex, money and their womb, all in the name of a serious relationship.
What do you think about a man, who asks you to abort your baby, because he’s not yet ready (financially, emotionally, or otherwise) to father a child? Some of these guys actually proposed marriage to their girlfriends, which make the girls willing to sacrifice their children on the altar of love, marriage or sex.
Okay….. So he finally puts the ring on It. You are now husband and wife…………………………………….One, two, three years, go by; no cry of a baby in the house, because the babies were all sacrificed on the altar. Bobo demanded, so you agreed. In-laws are impatient (it’s their right), they want to grow their family, mother in-law is throwing tantrums, she’s tired of praying. And BOBO??????????? Is tired of waiting.
Bobo is now very wealthy, he needs an heir. He does not want to hear you say, he sent you to commit abortion. Each time you remind him, he asked “are you a child? Don’t you know the difference between right and wrong? You mean if I asked you to enter into fire and get burnt you will do it? You have visited all the Babalawos and pastors (you never had a relationship with God, so you are in a hurry) any god that is willing to act fast is accepted, and will be honoured with great sacrifice.

Here comes Bobo; “My Parents are asking I get a child, wherever”. And you my darling Sis, are left in the cold…..

Here comes the Slay Queens, their hips swaying everywhere, their moms and dads thanking God for such a blessing. The slay queen is pregnant and has given birth. Husband asked you for a divorce with great settlement.
Ladies, be wise!
By Vera Aigbonoga

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