Geo-Terrorism Against Nigeria To Capture Food Security of Africa



Madjid Razak – ETC Asia

Kuala Lumpur. A few eminent scientists and social activists from Asia, Africa and Europe gathered in the Kuala Lumpur City-Centre Hotel during the weekend of 15-16 September, 2018 to consider the question of Geo-Terrorism and Climate War Against Africa with Case Study of Nigeria. The widely reported Earth tremor in Nigeria had several characteristics that differ completely from others reported in 1939, 1964, 1984, 1990, 2000 and 2006. The prior events were considered natural causes as reviewed by participating scientists who referenced the reports. After the incident, the presentations from the Nigerian FEMA described the events of the tremors in Abuja, the Nigerian Capital City as ‘unnatural’, saying that “it is caused by stress in underground rocks and may be due to rock blasting and mining activities in an area.”  Experts agree that Nigeria is not in the earthquake zone.  The scientists have since began a search for causes and those at the conference agree that it is most likely the result of geoengineering tests. Earlier, elite scientists of the Global South in a Letter to Nature warned of the disastrous consequences that geoengineering tests could have on Africa. Stating that “We oppose its deployment until research into its safety and effectiveness has been completed and international governance mechanisms established.”

The Theory of Geo-Terrorism began as the dominant trend of thought among scientists when they traced a series of facts that connected the dots of the puzzle of who is behind all of these events in Africa and particularly Nigeria. The development of geoengineering solutions for climate warfare had began since the late 1950s but the project called High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) funded by the United States Air Force and Navy was completed in 2007 in Gakona, Alaska by defense contractor BAE Systems. Although it was publicly said that it was ‘to analyze and utilize the ionosphere for radio communications and surveillance” but critics say it was really to build a devastating new weapon impacting the planet with earthquakes, cyclones and strong local heating. It has been alleged by critics to have been used to induce earthquakes in Iran and Haiti.




Bill Gates Global Plot to Capture the Food Security of Africa

According to Science magazine in 2007, Bill Gates took up the funding of geoengineering after it was developed by the U.S. Military. The scientists think that Bill Gates global objective is to capture the food security of Africa, starting with Nigeria, the most populous country and then the West Africa sub-region. A region of over 800 million people. It is plausible that the experiments have been tried in East Africa to induce droughts in more recent times. The Big Question was How Did Bill Gates Do it? First, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation released  a $300 million dollar research grant purportedly to help farmers in Africa and Asia cope with Climate Change. The aim was to develop genetically modified organisms (GMOs) crops of major staple foods in Nigeria and around Africa particularly cassava, sweet potatoes, yams, maize, rice, beans, etc. These are to be marketed as Climate Smart crops that are resistant to floods and droughts. Gates then invested in biotechnology companies Monsanto and Cargill.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s investments in Monsanto and Cargill have come under heavy criticism.

The aim of the geoengineering is to create conditions that would force the Nigerian government to adopt these so-called Climate Smart GMO crops as they would be offered through International Aid Organisations headed by Germany and Britain, both have already signed MOUs with Nigeria on the project. The real aims of the MOUs on Agriculture were not made known to Nigerian authorities until now. Some experts believe that the earth tremors were induced using HAARP technology deployed in the Kaduna Governorate and maybe close to Abuja with the corporation of local authorities and could elicit earth tremors anywhere in the region. The initial tests are targeted at causing public anxiety and subsequent tremors will elicit discontent of the public with the government’s handling of the matter. Once the matter is politicized, and the government becomes weak, then the tremors would target major Dams that would break their banks and flood the region. The government of Nigeria would have no reason to refuse ‘international aid’ to rehabilitate the people and provide ‘improved crops’ of GMOs that a ‘Climate Smart’ and flood resistant. The entire food supply from the Northeast and Middle belt of Nigeria would now be based on Monsanto GMO crops said ‘to prevent hunger’. This ‘successful’ operation would hand over the ‘food security’ of Nigeria to Bill Gates and Monsanto.  According to Adeleke Adebayo, an activist participant in the conference ‘this power would be utilized for full political and social control of the Nigerian people and government under Biological Colonialism, according to the Kissenger maxim – if you control the food, you control the people.”  The inability of the past Nigerian governments to call Bill Gates out as international sponsor of terrorism cost Nigeria millions of lives and billions of dollars in damages from the so-called Boko Haram crisis. “Gates and his Nigerian associate billionaires have sponsored the terrorist group Boko Haram, arming them with expensive weapons. The transformation to spread GMOs crops was started by the Bill Gates (Special Adviser on Agriculture to the President) appointee minister of agriculture in the Jonathan administration Dr Akinwumi Adesina, who Bill Gates now made the head of the African Development Bank.  This time around we will name them by their names.” Adebayo vows.

The conference participants agreed to spread the information and awaken the African governments and people to be on the watch for the geo-terrorists posing as billionaire philanthropist in Africa.  The biotech geo-terrorists would not rest. The Open Forum on Agriculture in Africa is the main propaganda platform for the stakeholders in biotechnology working in collaboration with the National Biotechnology development Agency (NABDA). “There is bound to be some real show  staged in the next days to come.”Adebayo asserts.


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