The Nigerian Education Sector Can Also Contribute to the Country’s GDP

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Gone are the days when education was free, paid for by missionaries and philanthropists’. In today’s world, education is big time business for most investors, and so the saying….”if you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. Unfortunately, the Nigerian government is yet to look at this lucrative sector of the economy, the very reason why most Nigerian federal and state universities are not well funded.

Increasing numbers of secondary school leavers in Nigeria prefer studying in universities abroad, even when their parents can afford to pay their fees in any Nigerian university. The question we should ask ourselves is ‘Why?’

Some of the reasons why Nigerian students prefer studying abroad include:




– Incessant strikes

– Sophisticated method of teaching

– Higher value placed on foreign certificates by companies

– Lack of good learning facilities.



Universities all over the world compete for students globally through the internet, where these institutions spread their nets wide to catch students from every part of the world into their schools. Why are renowned institutions such as Obafemi Awolowo University, universities of Benin, Nsuka, Lagos, etc, not doing same, why are they not advertising for students?



Our gross domestic product can be increased through our educational system, if these institutions are well funded in such a way, as to attract firstly; Nigerian students, whose parents spend thousands of USD on their education yearly on foreign universities, secondly, attract fellow African students within the continent and lastly, attract all students globally. These will not only bring down the cost of education but it will create job opportunities and contribute greatly to the health of our economy.

Written by Vera Aigbonoga

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