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DIY is the real deal in a new age of self-sufficiency and more and more independent thinking. The saying, ” the more skills you have, the less likely it is to be stranded” holds true in many places, especially in the Kitchen.

Here are 10 Amazing Do It Yourself Hacks to ease your way through in the kitchen and in the home.

Determine the Freshness of your eggs
Fresh eggs sink all the way down in a bowl of cold water. While non- fresh or stale eggs remain afloat. You can determine the freshness of your eggs by this quick test.

Lose the Smell of Onion and Garlic
Cutting onions and garlic could turn out to be a very messy and nasty chore since they may continue to smell on one’s hands for days. To lose the smell, rub hands on stainless steel or with lemon juice or baking soda.

Prevent fruits from browning or losing moisture
Sprinkle lemon juice or honey and water on your cut apples, sliced avocado to prevent it from turning brown, drying up or losing moisture. The Citric acid and Vitamin C and the peptide in the honey would keep it fresh.

Run out of Mayonnaise suddenly
Blend eggs and a cup of oil to make your own quick mayonnaise. Refrigerate to add to taste.

Remove Fat from Soups
You notice fat component in your soup, stew or casserole and it seems like a hard task to separate the cholesterol? Drop ice cubes into the soup, it would cause the fat to congeal and become easy to scoop out.

Keeping Tomatoes fresh
Unable to make the stew that night? Leave the stalks on the tomatoes. It would reduce air pores permitting air into the tomatoes. Store tomatoes at room temperature as against refrigerating.

Peel Egg Shell with Ease
Add a dash of vinegar or baking soda to boiling water for the eggs. The eggshells would come off the eggs with ease.

Onions don’t have to make you cry
Refrigerate or freeze your Onions before cutting them and yes, no more tears. If time doesn’t permit, hang a slice of bread between your teeth while you cut the onions. The bread absorbs the irritant gas before getting into your eyes.



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Keep water from boiling over
Hang a wooden spoon over your boiling water to stop the water from getting over the edge of the pot. Wood is not a good conductor of heat, so water wouldn’t rise to it.

Keep your exposed or leftover cake fresh for days
Especially during this harmattan, leftover cakes tend to get drier and stale faster. To keep your cake fresh for days. Cover the exposed portions with bread and hold with a toothpick. Your cake would retain it’s moisture so long as the bread is fresh.

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It is easy to recreate, requires things you already have in your kitchen. Live Wholesomely, Live your life to the fullest.

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