The Bold and the Beautiful; Founder of Atikunation ICG




Fateema Mohammed is a female politician based in Lagos, recently she founded an Independent campaign Group (ICG) named ‘Atikunation’ which has been making waves around the nation, to campaign for His Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and make sure he is voted in as the next president of Nigeria 2019.
Below are her chats with Vera Aigbonoga.

The Beginning of her Journey into Politics …..

My journey into politics began after witnessing a particular situation while driving past a suburb in Alimosho, where a woman who wanted to make a point was shut down because of her gender; I decided there and then that I had to get involved in politics.





Initiators of AICG…..

Atikunation Independent Campaign Group (AICG) was initiated by me, Hon. Fateema Abubakar.
My team, some of which are in the National and state executives also joined me, and together we contacted all those who sincerely desired to see the end of hardship in Nigeria, the kind we have been experiencing since this government came into power. We all agreed that the best candidate, who can reconcile all the ethnic groups, tribes in Nigeria, restore our economy and move Nigeria to the ‘Top’ where she rightly belong is none other person than Alhaji. Atiku Abubakar.

How married women can overcome political challenges and attain great heights in politics….
There are female managing directors of big organizations, who are wives, mothers and very feminine, but because they are good at their jobs, they attain such heights. A woman who is a good politician can also attain great heights in politics.
Challenges in politics are same for male and female, it does not recognize gender. Any determined female politician who wants to be a governor will certainly overcome the usual hurdles and will be elected governor and even president.

The real Atiku Abubakar….

I will like to erase the negative impressions people have about our principal; Atiku Abubakar.    He is indeed a man that is passionate about the youths and women, an industrialist per excellence , his economy policy is evident and I know when given an opportunity he will transform Nigeria.

Difference Between ‘loyalty to political party and defection……

Party loyalty is about your political party sticking to its goals and purpose, for instance; if your party’s initial goal was to provide employment, improve economy, provide good and affordable healthcare etc. The party must be committed and loyal to that goal and purpose; this will make members to stay committed and loyal. But if the party deviates, members may do otherwise.

Defection on the other hand, is when you as a person joined the political party because you were attracted to its goals and purpose and all of a sudden, your party completely deviates from its original purpose and refuse to heed to warnings of its members to return, the best thing to do is to DEFECT.


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Apart from political campaign Atikunation is also involve …..

Atikunation is about politics and social activities. Recently, we visited Mr sadiq Daba and contributed our little token for him to take care of his health, we identify with charity foundations, and organization, one of which is Kenny Rhoda foundation, we provide for public school pupils, etc.

By Vera Aigbonoga




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