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Here’s Why You Should Say….. ‘I Do’ To That SPECIAL Person Part 2

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Marriage is not a bed of roses, no; not all. It is quite a challenging institution. Unfortunately many young women and men believe it is a bed of roses, therefore‘if it doesn’t make you happy….trash it’.
Although marriage is not a bed of roses, it is quite rewarding. Come to think of it, where can you find a bed of rose without thorns? Every institution you pass through in this world, always have thorns. For instance, academic institution; you start school at an early age, wake up early, learn your alphabets, numbers and as you grow older you stay up late, study regularly to have good grades. Your reward comes when you are awarded a degree and get employed and start earning good salary. Same with your career, it doesn’t blossom overnight, you work very hard to get to that enviable position.

Marriage is not exceptional, when you and your spouse work out your marriage, it will turn out to be the type everyone will envy.


1. Always be ready to forgive, over and over again.
2. Manage your expectations. If you are expecting a paradise of sex, know that family responsibilities, health, age, stress at work, etc, can affect this part of your marriage. When this happens, endure with one another while you help your partner come out of this condition.
3. Husband and wife must submit to one another, pride kills  marriage faster than you think.
4. Avoid having the last word, try to maintain peace in your home.
5. Above all, make God the supreme head of your home. He ordained the marriage institution in the first place, allow him to run your marriage , apply his manual and watch your home become the envy of others.
6. Practice patience, tolerance , love, faithfulness, if you want to enjoy the fruit of your marriage.

Here’s Why YOU Should Get Married

– Companionship; have someone you can call your own, someone to continue life journey with. Someone you can share happy moments with, that person who will stand by you when life decides to go down the sad road.
– Procreation; start a family of your own. Have your kids and watch them grow, so that when you grow older, you too will invite friends to your children’s wedding ceremonies, have your kids and grand kids look after you the African way.
– Someone to share responsibilities with.
–  Someone who loves and care for you.
If you desire a good marriage, work at it and God will certainly reward you with one.


Vera Aigbonoga




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