Why You Must Not Ask Your Child To Hold Unto That Vomit

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Many a times, Parents Refuse to allow their children to vomit, whenever they are engulfed by nausea wave. Reasons….. We do not want our rugs, bedsheet, cushions stained. We also do not want our hands soiled while cleaning up the vomit. Moreover, the sight of vomits irritates. So, we ask them to run to the […]


Beware!! Killer Herdsmen on Rampage

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For my personal safety and to avoid a repraisal or repeat attack, God forbid, let me call myself Barrister A. I was on my way to Jattu, near Auchi in Etsako West Local Government Area of Edo State Nigeria for my younger sister’s traditional marriage billed to take place in Jattu. I set out from […]


Your Kitchen Gallery

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Just got married or moving into a new home, and maybe a bit confused about the right furnitures you will need to set up your kitchen. Well, whether you are moving into a new home as a new bride or been married for quite some years, here are the necessary kitchen furnitures you will need […]



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          HERE ARE 5 REASONS WHY YOU NEED A WORKSTATION FURNITURE.       A workstation is a special office table/desk designed to hold computers and host the daily workflow of the business and corporate environment. It is primarily designed to host two or more person at a time depending on […]